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Strom - VascuMAX Pro 30 Servings

Strom - VascuMAX Pro 30 Servings

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VascuMAX - The Legendary Stim-Free Pump Pre Workout!

As the first pre workout in the Strom range, VascuMAX has stood the test of time, remaining a trusted staple for athletes worldwide. Don't be fooled by its seemingly simple formula though; the magic lies in how the ingredients synergistically interact, creating one of the most effective pump pre workouts on the market.

VascuMAX is renowned for its long lasting effects that last to the end of your workout, and hours after. The fact that its stimulant and beta alanine free means you don't have to worry about the sometimes uncomfortable tingles and can focus solely on your workout. It can also be used late at night if you don't want your sleep interrupted by stimulants.

Many athletes either take it on its own, or stack it with a stim-pre workout (it stacks exceedingly well with our StimuMAX PRO).

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