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Strom - EssentialMAX 30 Servings

Strom - EssentialMAX 30 Servings

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EssentialMAX goes beyond traditional EAAs by combining the power of essential amino acids with ActiGin, B vitamins, beta vulgaris, and essential electrolytes. Each serving of EssentialMAX provides a carefully balanced blend of EAAs to fuel your muscles. ActiGin (Senactiv), a cutting-edge ingredient allowing you to push through intense workouts with the inclusion of B vitamins and beta vulgaris to make it complete. To replenish electrolytes lost during exercise, EssentialMAX includes essential minerals to support hydration.

Available in three tantalizing flavors—Strawberry Kiwi, Berrylicious, and Cranberry Crush—EssentialMAX adds a burst of deliciousness to your routine. It also stacks really well with our CreaMAX and CarbMAX.

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