The beauty of Caffeine...

If you’re anything like me you probably love a good coffee to kick you into gear on a morning or give you that extra boost before a workout. Caffeine can be amazing at suppressing appetite and giving you that extra kick that’s needed. Especially when you’re on a diet. However, if you’re consuming too much caffeine on a daily basis it’s likely having a negative all-round impact on your life. I recently was consuming around 800mg a day and it was doing very little. Not giving me that energy boost I wanted just merely just getting me by. Without it, I was sluggish and tired. This is when caffeine intake is a problem, to reset your tolerances I recommend going cold turkey for around a week which is enough to reset your caffeine tolerances and bring you back to normal. So what are the actual benefits to consuming caffeine and what do the studies say??

According to one meta-analysis performed on the ten studies done on caffeine and muscle strength caffeine is likely to have a positive impact on both muscle strength of the upper body and power. If you enjoy consuming caffeine prior to working out then carry on doing it, not only will it give you the stamina to carry on but it will also increase your muscle strength and power.

To add, although not on the subject of muscle building, caffeine has been shown to increase cognitive performance, memory and reaction times. Consuming caffeine has also been found to reduce the risk of cognitive disorders when reaching old age. This is because caffeine antagonises adenosine receptors in the brain, anything that does this has neuroprotective effects during ageing. Leading to slower cognitive decline and progression of certain disorders.

For me, caffeine really has benefits during a fat loss phase. When energy levels are low and your appetite is high caffeine can work wonders. One study concluded that caffeine consumption generally led to a lower energy intake than that of no caffeine consumption. This is due to its appetite suppression effects. When combined with intermittent fasting a pre-workout on a morning can leave you without an appetite till midday (Wolf Juice of course). This is extremely helpful if you’re looking to cut down your calorie intake and burn fat. Caffeine consumption is also thermogenic, meaning upon ingestion you will expend more energy through heat.

Amazingly caffeine consumption was shown to reduce the risk of throat and mouth cancer by 49% and also reduce the risk of having a stroke by up to 22%. This was found in a 26-year long study performed by the American Cancer Society.

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