Beta-Alanine. What is it, and why is it in our Pre-Workout Wolf Juice? Well, other than the tingly feeling pre-workout users enjoy, it actually has many more benefits. The most scientifically noted benefit of beta-alanine is its incredible effect on muscular endurance.

Over 8 extremely reputable studies showed Beta-Alanine use was associated with less fatigue and a greater workload at peak exhaustion. The lone meta-analysis suggests a benefit: a median 2.85% increase in muscular endurance when exercising.

Although 2.85% may seem small, it's these small gains that help us reach our goals quicker, and more efficiently than otherwise.

Studies also show extremely consistently that Beta-Alanine consumption generally leads to greater lean mass. Beta-alanine seems to have a hypertrophic effect, either inherently or through greater workload. Either way, the studies are extremely encouraging for all athletes.

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